Software Engineer Salary in Singapore in 2023

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Amongst the most endeavoring career options, the Software industry is blooming every day. Many students desire to become successful software engineers. Singapore is advancing towards becoming the largest tech modernization center in Asia. In recent times, Software, IT companies, and technically proficient engineers are shifting to Singapore. This is because of the high demand for software engineering jobs and the lucrative salary associated with it in Singapore. If you are planning to earn loads of money and fulfill your desires, you can surely think of this as a suitable career option. This article will provide you with insight into the growth prospect and software engineer salaries in Singapore.

Who is a Software Engineer, and What Do They Do?

Before you are excited to know about the software engineer salary in Singapore, knowing the job role is necessary. The domain of software engineering is extensive. Software engineers, also known as software developers, possess technical knowledge and are competent with software programs.

With the help of this knowledge and principles of technicalities, they form information management for computers. The software engineers are solely responsible for maintaining the computer software/applications starting from creating, altering, designing, and even improvising them from time to time.

Moreover, they create a secure network by fixing bugs and developing web pages for their clients. A software engineer’s role includes understanding the accurate needs of the customer and providing them with an end-to-end software solution to address problems. You will be surprised to know the fresh graduate software engineer salary in Singapore is SGD 65985.00 per year.

Average Software Engineer Salary in Singapore

Software Engineers earn lucrative money in almost every country, including Singapore. Singapore pays software engineers an annual salary average of SGD 66051.25. Therefore, the average software engineer salary in Singapore is SGD 5504.27 every month. Moreover, an added SGD 9936.72 is the standard cash remuneration in Singapore for a software engineer. This compensation has a minimum payout of SGD 1861.45 and ranges to SGD 17013.22 in Singapore.

What are the Various Roles of a Software Engineer and their Salary?

1. Junior Software Engineer

The job profile of the junior software engineer is at a beginner-level position. Their responsibilities include assisting the developer team regarding any software development tasks. From all aspects of the creation, evaluation, and use of the product, the junior software engineer has to support the team. The entry-level software engineer should possess considerable knowledge of the codebase, designing simple and user-friendly codes and addressing errors if required. They should participate and impart ingenious solutions and also check coding reviews.

The expected junior software engineer salary in Singapore is SGD 8656.73 per month, with an average wage of SGD 4003.11. The monthly expected increased compensation for the junior software engineer is SGD 4653.62. In this, compensation, incentives, tipping, bonus payments, and revenue sharing are all possible forms.

2. Software Engineer

The main job responsibility of a software engineer is to provide complete solutions for software systems. This includes the application of engineering principles and learning for the software’s betterment. Therefore, software engineers have to participate in designing, creating, examining, and providing solutions to their clients.

The software engineer salary in Singapore is pretty high-end. In Singapore, the average monthly salary for a software engineer is SGD 15541.08. Moreover, the monthly expected increased compensation is SGD 9936.72. This extra payment is based on performance, additional bonuses, tips, and even commission.

3. Senior Software Engineer

The responsibility of a senior software engineer is to create and develop valuable technology solutions. Again, to understand the needs of the software, the senior engineer has to work in close contact with the higher management. An individual possessing high-end knowledge in creating designs is much needed for this senior role. He must be knowledgeable in creating apps and other tools by writing easy and structural codes. In this context, the senior software engineer should know the ways to debug codes and find new ways to develop better software.

All this requires considerable knowledge and experience; hence the senior software engineer salary is always lucrative. The senior software engineer salary in Singapore is approximately SGD 7355.72 per month. In Singapore, a Senior Software Engineer will receive a bonus payment on the aggregate of SGD 14010.89 with a variation of SGD 4163.23 and SGD 31224.25.

4. Software Development Engineer

A software development engineer is a professional whose tasks are dependable on the requirements of the organization or the firm they are associated with. The job role for this can be of two types. In the first category, as a software developer, you may have to maintain the networks and devices’ operating systems. Some software developers, on the other hand, design software programs that enable consumers of smartphones, computers, and other relatable devices to carry out particular activities. Avail of the best Software Developer courses at KnowledgeHut.

The average software engineer salary in Singapore is pretty high. Therefore, you can expect the monthly salary of a software developer of SGD 7258.35 per year.

5. Principal Software Engineer

To guarantee that the program/application satisfies terminal objectives and accomplishes corporate goals, principal software engineers build, design, and evaluate the software. Principal software engineers direct all projects’ functional requirements and offer technical assistance to the developers. One of the major software engineer’s duties is to suggest changes to fix technical problems. Again, enhancing the effectiveness of existing software and maintaining the quality of the software application is also the sole responsibility of a Principal Software Engineer. You may always improve your salary structure by taking the top by enrolling fora Full-stack Software Developer course in Singapore.

The average salary per month of a Principal Software Engineer is SGD 8499.22. With this, an extra compensation of SGD 11998.91 is also given.

Software Engineer Salary Structure in Singapore

The software engineer pay in Singapore varies from person to person based on experience, location, companies, and other elements. If we calculate on average, the salary structure of software engineers in Singapore will earn SGD 5504.27 per month. To add on, there are several compensation bonuses with this amount. Hence, around SGD 9936.72 is extra added to the salary of the software engineer in Singapore.

Salary structure

Average salary + compensation bonus

Total payment on average

SGD 5504.27+ SGD 9936.72 = SGD 15439.17 approximately

Software Engineer: Pay Scale Based on Companies in Singapore

CompanyAverage salary per month (SGD)


SGD 134.97


SGD 15267.61


SGD 8093.26


SGD 15616.01


SGD 11629.65


SGD 2499.78


SGD 8988.48

Software Engineer: Pay Scale Based on Experience in Singapore

The software engineer salary in Singapore is also based on the years of experience and expertise in this field.

  • Entry-level software engineer ( (0-3 years)– If you are a fresher graduate or applied for an entry-level software engineer position in Singapore, your job role will include application designing and API integration. Moreover, you have to assist other developers and UI designers. You have to do shadow work with both frontend and backend developers regarding technological research.
  • Mid Level (4-8 years) – The mid-level associate engineer should have complete knowledge of software languages like JAVA, Python and others. Their task includes reviewing codes, working on databases and full stack development. They can work independently without any shadow work assistance like the junior engineers.
  • Senior level (8 years and more)– The responsibility of an experienced or senior-level software engineer is to have the capabilities to lead a team. A sound technical knowledge and great technical expertise to understand operations well and perform on the software solutions are the necessary roles that a senior software engineer has to look after.

Experience LevelPay Scale Range Per Month (SGD)

Senior level (8 years and more)

SGD 9488.64

Mid Level (4-8 years)

SGD 7258.35

Entry Level (0-3 years)

SGD 279.55

Factors Affecting Software Engineer’s Salary in Singapore

A few components or factors also influence software engineer salary Singapore. Let us analyze these factors below;

1. Experience

The years of learning and experience surely play a primary role while the salary count of a software engineer in Singapore. The majority of entry-level software engineer salaries in Singapore will depend on their compensation packages on a candidate’s expertise. If you have ample experience in programs or any other relevant expertise in software engineering or development, the employer will feel more likely to hire you.

2. Location

The scope of software engineers in Singapore is more and is open in a high range. Presently in an Asian base, Singapore is the leading top in terms of innovation and technology. Therefore, start-ups and reputed organizations are moving here for their company presence. This is creating more scope for salary increments for software engineers in Singapore.

3. Company Size

The size of the firm also decides your salary in any field. This is not an exception for software engineers. The start-ups will not pay you more as compared to the high-end, already organized companies. To get a chance, in such giant software companies, your resume should look unique. Enroll in our KnowledgeHut Web Development courses in Singapore and earn a lucrative salary in reputed software companies.

4. Industry

It is needless to mention that the service industry has less salaries as compared to product ones. Therefore, software engineers with knowledge of application creation and development are more in demand in Singapore. In the product industry, software engineers are expected to come up with new innovative ideas with the launch of new products or existing ones. This requires more research and technical knowledge. Therefore, the salary in this industry is more than the service ones.

5. Educational qualifications

Education is another prime component for software engineers in Singapore. With a graduate degree in engineering, you will earn less as compared to a master’s. In the race of growing competition, a minimum degree in engineering might not fetch you the amount of salary you are expecting.

Moreover, upgrading your knowledge and skills through courses can highlight your resume in front of job employers. This will make you different from the other software engineers in the market.

Future of Being a Software Engineer

You can expect steady growth and handsome income in this smart job option. Moreover, the demand for Software engineers is increasing in the world with the advancement of technology every passing day. Here are some advantages of being a future software engineer:

  • Job security
  • High-figure salary
  • Huge scope for upskilling
  • Incentives
  • Personal & Work-Life Balance
  • Working opportunities with diversified teams (technical & non-technical)

Tips to Become a Successful Software Engineer in Singapore

By now, you all know that the software engineer salary Singapore is an amazing package. Now to get the job of a software engineer and become a successful one, here are a few essential tips below;

1. Skills

You should have immense knowledge of computer programs and software languages. For instance, core understanding and command on JAVA, HTML, Python, Web API, Ruby etc. Moreover, acquiring the necessary skills related to software applications is equally important.

A company, while hiring a prospective candidate, will check your capabilities as a software engineer instead of the degree.

Both technical and soft skill learning in the field of software engineering can fetch you better job options in Singapore. Some other skills, including good communication, high-level research skill and problem-solving with critical thinking, are favorable in this field.

2. Interest

Understand and analyze yourself well. If you are a software engineer, there are several scopes in this field. Now you have to think about the area of your interest. For instance, you enjoy programming languages, designing software, etc. This will guide you to focus on your point of interest, and by upgrading your knowledge in the same way, you can become successful.

3. Update Yourself

The secret to becoming a good software engineer is regular training. By working on new tools and applications, you may improve your capabilities. The more you practice, the expertise grows naturally in that specified area of technology. Learn as many skills as you want to relate to software engineering from tutorials, online courses, and training programs. Participation in these events will help you to brush up on your expertise in a better way.

4. Internship

Before you enter the core software engineer work life, as a fresher, you can always think of applying as an intern. This will help you to gain considerable knowledge regarding the work culture. Real time training in an office always boosts confidence, and you can establish a better network in your work life.

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Tech professionals keep finding Singapore to be appealing. The IT and software industry in Singapore is growing at a large scale, and the newer innovations are always getting support from the Government. Hence, the demand for IT professionals and software engineers is increasing every day. Singapore tech companies are recruiting software engineers from native regions and internationally. You will get ample job opportunities with a rise in salary if you want to apply for this position in Singapore. As the market is becoming competitive, it is always better to upskill yourself to get noticed by employers. Depending on the areas of interest, you can pick up courses that will help you in enhancing your job skill set.

Conclusion: So above is the Software Engineer Salary in Singapore in 2023 article. Hopefully with this article you can help you in life, always follow and read our good articles on the website: W Tài Liệu

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